The Benefits
Enhances strength and balance.
Develops greater self-awareness.
Improves posture and muscular structure.
Learning exercises that will offer lifelong benefits.
Helps one to appreciate our relationships with others.
Promotes the relationship between the mind and body.
Eases breathing problems through relaxation techniques.
Loosens tight muscles and releasing tension in the body
One of the areas that Chinese Health Arts can be of great use is with people who are being treated for or suffer from severe and enduring mental health problems.
For the past 12 years I have been using various exercises to take a group through a short programme of work. Over that time I have found exercises that are lively, that encourage flexibility, strength and are fun to do are the most beneficial in this area.
We spend as much time as possible outside, in all weathers enjoying the group activity. I encourage opening exercises to open the chest area and others that are kicking exercises. On days we cannot go out, the work often covers self-massaging techniques and simple massages on others.I also try to instruct very simple easy breathing techniques to help sink the Qi.
It's an area of work that is both interesting and rewarding, individuals who have on going mental health problems benefit from the class with a generally more relaxed attitude and a little more confidence.
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